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  • Secret Santa Gift Ideas/Products for £20 and Under

    Make sure that you get your Secret Santa a gift that they will absolutely love this Christmas by checking out our KitSound favourites!

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  • Exclusive artist interview: Grace Young-Christie

    We have an exclusive interview with emerging artist Grace Young-Christie, a young woman of only 16 whose first single has recently been released – and we’ve used it as the backing track to our new video, coming soon!   KitSound: Hey Grace, thank you so much for sitting down with us. We’d love to get …

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  • The Three Music Festivals We’re Most Looking Forward To In 2016

    Some music festivals that you go to just feel so . . . well, repetitive! Their reputations are now bigger than the music, and you never really seem to have a good time there. If this sounds like your last summer, then you should definitely check out these three – because we cannot wait for …

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  • Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens – KitSound’s Commitment

    We are proud to announce our new partnership with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens, a charity that is working tirelessly to raise funds to research new cures and kinder treatments for young people with cancer. Our commitment includes a special range of products including the Malibu headphones and the Boombar Bluetooth speaker, all in …

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  • Transform Your In-Car Listening Experience With The MyJack

    One of the things that we love to do here at KitSound is make life a little easier, and a little more full of the music you love. That’s why we’ve created the MyJack, a tiny little audio accessory that looks a little like a battery but does so much more.

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  • What Is Multi-Room, And How Can You Get It For £200?

    Whether you’ve heard of multi-room but don’t really understand what it is, or you’re obsessed with the incredible technology but know you can’t afford it, having a home that is essentially a massive sound system is a rather wonderful prospect. But how does it actually work, and is it possible to do it on a …

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  • 5 Ways To Get Fit Without Gym Membership

    There are very few people in the world that actually wake up looking forward to going to the gym. Now that we’re passed halfway through January, many of those New Year’s resolutions will start to look very irritating and unnecessary…

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  • KitSound: As Seen In GQ

    GQ is such a fabulous magazine, packed with the latest fashion, the popular celebrities, insightful articles about the world, information on health – and now some of the most popular technology in the UK! We’ve been so proud to be featured in KitSound throughout the year of 2015, and here are the products that made …

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  • How To Choose A Wireless Speaker

    There are so many different kinds of wireless speakers out there at the moment, and they seem to be accompanied with a huge amount of jargon that just doesn’t seem to make sense! NFC, IP rating, aux input and aux output: when you’re looking for a wireless speaker, where do you even start? Start right …

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