Upstage Multi-Room


Whether you’re throwing a party or settling down for a movie marathon, you can rest assured that you’re getting the ultimate audio experience. Fill your living room with rich, immersive sound with the KS Upstage. Combined with the Link Wi-Fi-Multi-room adaptor, you can play to this speaker from anywhere in our Wi-Fi zone and link to other multi-room devices.

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100 Watts


Bluetooth, HDMI, Line-in, Multi-room, Optical


Wireless Subwoofer

Pack Contents

2.4 GHz subwoofer and remote control, KitSound Link – Multiroom Audio Wireless Enabler with Allplay and Spotify Connect, KS Upstage soundbar, USB to micro USB cable, User manuals

Full Description

Room-Filling, British-Engineered Audio – The KitSound Upstage might be understated, but it’s not to be underestimated. Just a pure, intense audio experience. The impressive 80 W of power ensure a clear and powerful sound that will immerse you in the audio that you love.

21st Century Music Technology – The KitSound Link can transform any speaker that has an audio input into a smart speaker. When you combine them together, each of them connects to your Wi-Fi simply and quickly, with one simple touch being enough to connect to your home wireless network. They connect all of your speakers together as long as each one has a KitSound Link, making your home musically smart.

Slim, Smart Design – Forget having to wire up several speakers just to improve the sound of your TV. The KS Upstage’s slim, smart design means it will fit neatly beneath your existing setup to make for a simple, hassle-free installation. It can also be mounted onto the wall for added convenience – whatever suits you.

Update Your Speakers – No one likes the thought that our technology can become outdated, but unfortunately that is frequently what happens as time moves on – until the KitSound Link. Now your classic system from the 70s, your boom box from the 80s, your retro hi-fi from the 90s, and the Bluetooth speakers you bought last year can all talk to each other and form part of your multi-room system. One Link per speaker system is required.

Ultimate Connectivity – With four different ways to connect to your media, this soundbar is the ultimate audio solution. As well as two HDMI inputs and an optical audio cable, you can also connect via Bluetooth, meaning you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all of your media is being given the platform it deserves.

Multiple Music Options – Download the free AllPlay Jukebox app for iOS or Android and you now have the option of using one of the supported streaming services such as Spotify Connect, Napster, Rhapsody, or Tune in radio. As well as the music already stored on your smart device, you can use the app to play music stored on your PC or NAS, or even play directly from your PC to the Link. The best part? When your friends come over, they can use their smartphones to add their tracks to the playlist, keeping the party going.

Four Dedicated Sound Modes – Get the most from your media with the Upstage’s four dedicated sound modes. Hear every note of your favourite tracks in ‘Music Mode’, enjoy the cinema experience in ‘Movie Mode’, feel every rumble and explosion in ‘Game Mode’, and take it down a notch with ‘Night Mode’.

Compatible with Different Technologies – The KitSound Link supports DNLA and AllJoyn so you can connect to the other smart devices in your home; a wide range of audio file formats including High Resolution Audio; and is compatible with any speaker that has a line in or optical cable. Each one of these different technologies brings a wealth of opportunities to explore your music in a totally new way.


The KitSound Upstage and Link – Whether it’s the breakup of your favourite band or a shocking plot twist, at KitSound we find that it’s often a good idea to expect the unexpected – which is why we’ve hidden our immersive, room-filling British-engineered audio in a beautifully minimalist soundbar. The KitSound Link is all about choice: your music, your choice. You can decide to have the same song in many rooms, or a different song in each room. Whichever way you want them connected, rely on the KitSound Link.

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