Boom Evolution With Multi-room


All the power of the Boom Evolution, with a Link Wi-Fi multi-room adapter so you can control the music around your home and link it up to other speakers.

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Black, White


110 Watts


Bluetooth, Line-in


Multi-room Enabled, Remote Control

Pack Contents

Infrared remote control, KitSound Link – Multiroom Audio Wireless Enabler with Allplay and Spotify Connect, KS Boom Evolution 2.1 sound system, USB to micro USB cable, 3.5 mm stereo: RCA cable, Power cable adaptor, UK and Power cable adaptor, EU, User manuals

Full Description

Evolving Technology – Our next generation sound system builds on the already impressive features of the KitSound BoomDock by adding Bluetooth connectivity and even bigger sound, so that it’s as close to a Hi-Fi as we could possibly make it. And although it connects wirelessly, sound isn’t sacrificed: the Boom Evolution still makes your music sound so good you can hear even the most subtle detail – just as the recording engineers intended.

21st Century Music Technology – The KitSound Link can transform any speaker that has an audio input into a smart speaker. When you combine them together, each of them connects to your Wi-Fi simply and quickly, with one simple touch being enough to connect to your home wireless network. They connect all of your speakers together as long as each one has a KitSound Link, making your home musically smart.

Connect Wirelessly – Incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology, the KitSound Boom Evolution lets you connect to Bluetooth mobile phones and media players without cables, meaning you can play your music, view YouTube clips, and stream internet radio with your device in your hand at a distance that’s convenient for you. There’s even an infrared remote control for adjusting the volume level and sound effects from a distance.

Update Your Speakers – No one likes the thought that our technology can become outdated, but unfortunately that is frequently what happens as time moves on – until the KitSound Link. Now your classic system from the 70s, your boom box from the 80s, your retro hi-fi from the 90s, and the Bluetooth speakers you bought last year can all talk to each other and form part of your multi-room system. One Link per speaker system is required.

Multi Device – You can also make the most of the Boom Evolution’s impressive sound by using the aux-in connection at the rear of the unit. There’s also an aux-out, allowing you to connect other speakers if you wish, and you can even use the USB port at the back to charge other devices. The KitSound Boom Evolution is ideal for digital movies, music and multimedia applications.

Multiple Music Options – Download the free AllPlay Jukebox app for iOS or Android and you now have the option of using one of the supported streaming services such as Spotify Connect, Napster, Rhapsody, or Tune in radio. As well as the music already stored on your smart device, you can use the app to play music stored on your PC or NAS, or even play directly from your PC to the Link. The best part? When your friends come over, they can use their smartphones to add their tracks to the playlist, keeping the party going.

Beautifully Designed – Assembled by hand and made from wood, with beautiful glossy finishes, this versatile stereo system goes much further than aesthetics. Not only does the wooden cabinet create a seductive tone and an honest depth to your music, but the intuitive interface ensures that even the least technically minded person can be paired up in minutes.

Compatible with Different Technologies – The KitSound Link supports DNLA and AllJoyn so you can connect to the other smart devices in your home; a wide range of audio file formats including High Resolution Audio; and is compatible with any speaker that has a line in or optical cable. Each one of these different technologies brings a wealth of opportunities to explore your music in a totally new way.

The KitSound Boom Evolution and Link – We didn’t think our original BoomDock could get any better. We were wrong. Two years and 20 prototypes later, we give you the KitSound Boom Evolution. The KitSound Link is all about choice: your music, your choice. You can decide to have the same song in many rooms, or a different song in each room. Whichever way you want them connected, rely on the KitSound Link.

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