The Soul’s walnut wood construction not only makes this speaker aesthetically-striking, but also ensures that whether you connect using Bluetooth or via the 3.5 mm aux in, what you’ll always be getting is beautiful sound.

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5 Watts

Play Time (up to)

8 Hours


Bluetooth, Line-in

Pack Contents

3.5 mm aux cable, Carry bag, KS Soul wireless speaker, USB charge cable, User manual

Full Description

Beautiful Design, Quality Sound – Made from real wood, the natural material which has been used to create tone in instruments for thousands of years, the KitSound Soul now creates music with a full-bodied, warm and dynamic quality.

Answer Calls – The Soul’s clean finish and single multi-function button may make it look like a straightforward speaker for simply playing your music, it does in fact have hidden depths. With its microphone and built-in hands-free function, you can also take calls.

Take Your Music Anywhere – Not only will the Soul add character to your home, but thanks to its lightweight design and built-in battery (giving up to 10 hours play time) it’s easy to carry, making it ideal for camping trips, picnics and holidays. So now you can always be the life and soul of any party.

The KitSound Soul – Whether it was the ‘Jazz Age’ in the 1920s, or reggae coming of age in the 60s, there have been many unforgettable eras in music. At KS we wanted to honour music’s romantic past by making our Soul Bluetooth an incredible portable speaker.

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