• International Day of Happiness

    Today is the International Day of Happiness so we suggest you turn up the volume on your Voice One and get dancing to your favourite tunes! To signify this day, we asked the KitSound team what songs make them happy so we can play them loud and proud.

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  • Are you team Wireless or team Wired?

    When it comes to wireless and music technology what should we be considering when we make a choice? This depends on what we think is the most important part of our listening experience.

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  • International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day is a day celebrated globally to celebrate the social, cultural, political and economic achievements of women. We’re reminded that we’re surrounded by beautiful and inspirational women and it got us talking; who are our favourite female musicians?

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  • Voice One for Mums

    Voice One for the Mums

    All Mums are superheroes, but even heroes need a helping hand sometimes. See below how the KitSound Voice One Smart Speaker can be a big help day-to-day.   “Alexa, open My Workouts” Who even has time for the gym these days? With this skill, just simply answer a few quick questions, then My Workouts will …

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  • How does wireless audio technology work?

    Today, wireless is no longer an idea of the future, but rather a normal part of everyday life. Wireless connection and communication can be found everywhere, and has become such a social norm that we probably use it without even realising. #GoWireless

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  • Active Noise Cancelling

    At the flick of a switch, the noise cancelling technology makes it possible for you to listen to your music without the frustrations of external noises intruding on your listening experience.

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  • KitSound Made for Motion Sports Headphones

    Made for Motion

    Music has been scientifically proven to give us more drive to push our bodies further. With this in mind, KitSound has designed a range especially for movement, featuring great sound quality so you can exceed your own expectations.

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  • KitSound Voice One for the romantics

    You left it too long to get a table at ANY restaurant so it’s a date night in for Valentine’s Day. Don’t fear, the KitSound Voice One and Amazon Alexa are here to help and take some of the stress away.   “Alexa, open My Workouts” Get in a 10 minute workout before your date …

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  • Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Half Time Show

    Why We’re Excited for JT’s Super Bowl Half Time Show

    Sometimes we forget that the Super Bowl is about American Football, not just the Half Time Show! Every artist wants to make their performance bigger and better than last year’s and because of this, we cannot wait to see what Justin Timberlake has in store for us. Here’s a list of what the KitSound team …

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