Fishbone Splitter


When you discover an amazing new band, inspiring artist, or fantastic track, you want to share it – and now five of your friends can instantly hear the same great music as you with this Fishbone splitter.

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Share your music – This KitSound Fishbone headphone splitter means that you and up to 5 friends can host your own private party anywhere, from trains and planes to picnics in the park.

Unique and compact design – Thanks to its small size the KitSound Fishbone slips easily into any bag or pocket, so you’ll be able to share your favourites in an instant wherever you are.

Easy to use – Using the Fishbone could not be simpler, all you have to do is plug your device into the splitter, connect your headphones and enjoy great music together.

The KitSound Fishbone Splitter – Whether it’s singing along at a concert or jamming together in a band, at KitSound we’ve always believed that music is always better shared. Now you can do exactly that with the KitSound Fishbone.



Pack Contents

3.5 mm jack cable, KS Fishbone splitter


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