Euphoria Bluetooth Earphones


Our new KitSound Euphoria Bluetooth earphones do justice to the music that you love by delivering full-bodied sound with enhanced bass with detailed audio reproduction.

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Play Time (up to)

5 Hours


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Pack Contents

Case, Fit kit, KitSound Euphoria Bluetooth earphones, User manual

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Believe Your Ears

As well as having incredible bass, the all-encompassing, symphonic sound means you can distinguish between every single instrument in a classical piece of music, and every quirk of a hip hop tune.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Experience the freedom of music without wires as you connect to your device using Bluetooth. Every single element is captured in crystal-clear quality, and you can enjoy your music for up to five hours of play time.

The Technical Bit

Utilising aptX, the Euphoria Bluetooth can immerse you in accurate soundstage quality audio, with a fully enhanced bass so that you can revel in every dynamic element that the musicians created. With these headphones you can rest assured that your music is being given the platform it deserves.

A Little Bit Extra

As well as all that, the Euphoria Bluetooth have an in-line microphone, a multi-function button and their in-ear metal housing with a lightweight feel. You’ll also get a fit kit with different sized ear and flange tips so your Euphoria’s can be customised to you, and a carry case to keep everything together.

The KitSound Euphoria Bluetooth

It takes about 11 months to make a Steinway piano. It’s taken us about the same time to develop our Euphoria Bluetooth earphones. We’d never be as arrogant as to say that they’re perfect, but just try out the KitSound Euphoria Bluetooth to experience music in a totally new way.



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