Reunion Wireless Bookshelf Speakers


Reunite your obsession with music to a pair of speakers who really know how to do your music justice: the KitSound Reunion, the Hi-Fi without the fuss and clutter.

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Introducing the KitSound™ Reunion

Indulge with the KitSound Reunion, a pair of bookshelf speakers that manage to bring all that was good about the music of the past with all the modern technology of the present.

Vintage Leather Finish

The gorgeous aesthetic was a real labour of love by our designers, inspired by the subtly beautiful leather radio cases of the 1950s. The leather effect wrap was chosen carefully not only for its looks but also its durability. A steel mesh grill is a welcome replacement for the plastic façade of most modern Hi-Fis.

40 Watts of Stereo Sound

Once you get stereo sound, it’s hard to go back – and with the Reunion it’s even harder. The two speakers combine their 5 inch drivers to create 40 Watts of enveloping sound, thanks to the built-in amplifier.

Remote Control Included

Now it’s even easier to indulge in the music you love, thanks to the included leather effect remote that enables you to change settings from a distance.


40 Watts

Bluetooth Version


Wireless Range

Up to 10m


3.5mm Jack, RCA



Vintage leather finish


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Box Contents

+ KitSound Reunion Wireless Bookshelf Speakers
+ Power adaptor
+ RCA cable
+ Remote control
+ User manual

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