XDock Qi – Qi Charging Bluetooth Speaker Dock


Using the latest Qi technology you can now wirelessly charge your Qi enabled devices and wake up to 5 Watts of great sound every day. Wireless charging, wireless music.

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Bluetooth Version


Wireless Range

Up to 10m


5 Watts

Preset Stations


Box Contents

+ KitSound XDock Qi Charging Bluetooth Speaker Dock
+ 3.5 mm aux cable
+ AC/DC adaptor with UK / EU / US mains head
+ User manual


During the KS Voice One set up you will be asked to sign in to your Amazon account, if you
don’t have one then please follow these instructions:

1. Scroll down to create a new Amazon account
2. Create an account by entering your name, email address and a password
3. Click ‘confirm’ and ‘I agree’ after reading all terms and conditions on the next
two screens
4. You have now set up an Amazon account; if you wish to use any of Amazon’s services
or apps you will need to finish completing your Amazon account details. Go to your
Amazon account settings at http://www.amazon.com on a secure webpage to complete
your personal profile details

Note: If you live in a territory outside of the United Kingdom, America and Germany you
will need to create an Amazon account in one of those countries by either going to
Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and Amazon.de. Once you have created your new Amazon
account please set up the KS Player app with your new Amazon account. You will also
need to login to your Amazon Alexa App with your new details.

The Voice One uses Amazon Alexa which is a cloud service.  The Voice One is a far field enabled device which you can activate by saying the wake word ‘Alexa’ or pressing the Tap to Talk buttons. Once you have set up your Voice One to a Wi-Fi connection and logged into your Amazon account you can ask Alexa almost anything. Such as, “what is the weather today in London?”, or tell Alexa to do something, like “add cat food to my shopping list” or “play jazz”. Your question or request and related information, such as music playlists, calendar entries, connected home devices and items on your shopping list, will be processed in the Cloud.

No, you can continue using your Voice One even with the app closed. Verbal commands can be given to the Voice One even if your device (phone/tablet) is not connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app and select the side menu in the top left of the screen
  2. Press ‘Settings’ and select your KitSound Voice One speaker
  3. Scroll down to ‘General’ and press ‘Edit’ on Device Location
  4. Fill in your address and press ‘Save’. Select the suggested address and press ‘Ok’
  5. Your device time zone will update following the address change, please check any alarms you have set

Note: For users with multiple Voice One speakers, each speaker’s location will need to be updated by repeating the above process.

Please use the provided remote or press the Tap to Talk button on the speaker, this will lower the music volume allowing Alexa to hear your next command.

  • Clean up spills and stains right away. The longer the stains stay on the fabric, the harder they are to remove
  • Do not use any soap or chemical as it may damage the Nano coating
  • Gently blot up stains or spills with an absorbent cloth, facial tissue or sponge. Be careful not to rub the stain deeper into the fabric
  • If the spill is solid or semi-solid (like butter or ketchup), working in a circular motion or removing the spill from the side is often the best means to lift spills from the fabric. Change towel surface frequently until spot has been transferred off of the fabric and onto the absorbent cleaning cloth. (Try to avoid pressing the spill or spreading the stain.) Wipe off with clean water and a clean dry cloth if needed

Two options, either by saying “Alexa, play music from Spotify”, or in the Spotify app press on the ‘Devices Available’ and select your Voice One speaker.

You may use your Voice One speaker in the garden, but it is not waterproof. It should be kept dry. Please be aware of your Wi-Fi range in the garden, if you do lose connection you can always change the mode to Bluetooth or Line-in to play from your device.  The Voice One is also mains powered, so to use your Voice One outside, you will need to have access to a mains power supply.

Please try pressing ‘try again’ or close the KS Player app and unplug your Voice One and try again. If that doesn’t work please review the following:

  • The Voice One only works on 2.4GHz networks, please make sure your router has this output
  • Make sure the KS Player app and your devices software is updated
  • Make sure the Voice One, your device and the router are close. You can always set up the Voice One immediately next to your router to make sure you have the best signal. Once set up you can unplug and move the speaker to your chosen room
  • We recommend a minimum network speed of at least 0.5 Mbps
  • Please check permissions and parental controls on your router
  • If you continue to have problems please leave app feedback in the KS Player app and submit the bug report, our team will review the issue and try to resolve it. Please contact our customer team at: support@kitsound.co.uk

Please make sure your device is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Voice One. This should be a 2.4 GHz network. As a rule of thumb please make sure the Voice One is within 2 rooms of your router.

Please make sure your device is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Voice One. This should be a 2.4 GHz network. As a rule of thumb please make sure the Voice One is within 2 rooms of your router.

You will need to reset the speaker by holding the WPS button on the back of the speaker for 10 seconds and then release. Once reset, try again.

This means either you have no internet connection or you haven’t linked your Amazon account to the KS Player app. You either need to set up the speaker to your Wi-Fi network (please read the set up options), or if the speaker is set up, press the side menu in the KS Player App and select Amazon Alexa, from here you can sign in to your Amazon account and link them. Now try an Alexa command.

Please note if you have changed your Wi-Fi settings the Voice One will need updating with the latest Wi-Fi password.

You can download it from either the Google Play store or the App Store.

If you have changed the mode of the speaker by pressing the mode buttons or by selecting Bluetooth or Line-in in the app side menu, you can make the speaker go back into Wi-Fi mode by activating a streaming service on the side menu. Alexa also responds to commands in Bluetooth or Line-in mode, just ask Alexa to play the service you want and the Voice One will switch back to Wi-Fi mode.

Is the speaker playing music or are any lights on?

Speaker playing music – if the KS LED indicator is solid or flashing, the microphones will not be able to hear you. Reduce the volume or manually push Tap to Talk on the unit or remote.

No lights – if the speaker is in standby mode and was left in mic mute mode, the Voice One won’t hear you, you will need to press to wake the speaker and enable the microphones.

KS Player controls your music from your devices to all KitSound Voice One smart speakers.
Group and ungroup speakers, manage your stations and presets, control volume, set up Alexa smart features and more.
KitSound Voice One smart speakers allow you to connect up to 8 Voice One speakers together wirelessly. Stream your favourite playlists or connect an external music source to one of the Voice One speakers and re-distribute the sound to other Voice One speakers via Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy your music in every room.

Customise your KS Voice One with the thousands of Alexa Skills available to you. They will ensure your KitSound Voice One gets even smarter, enabling you to get the most out of it. The Amazon Alexa app also lets you control your Music, Video & Books, Lists, Alerts & Alarms, Smart Home and Settings.

The KS Player app looks after Playback/Multi-room. Whereas Amazon Alexa app configures smart capabilities. Please see below some of the most useful feature differences.

KS Player App

  • Control music, tracks and volume
  • Update Speaker’s firmware to the latest
  • Create speaker groups
  • Play music from your local device
  • Setup your third party services
  • Add additional speakers
  • Control modes between BT, Wi-Fi and Line-in.

Amazon Alexa App

  • Skills
  • Control your Smart home
  • Access Music and Books
  • Shopping & To-Do lists
  • Control Reminders, Alarms & Timers
  • Settings for your Amazon Account (Voice Purchasing)
  • Alexa Command History

You need a Premium or Family Spotify account to enable Spotify voice services. (Feature to be released in November 2017 after approval from Spotify certification).

Please refer to the Amazon Alexa help page. Please see the following help link: www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_bc_nav?ie=UTF8&nodeId=201952240

Hold the WPS button on the back of the speaker for 10 seconds and then release. The Voice One will say “factory reset”, wait 10 seconds and pull the power cable out of AC mains input. Plug it back in and the Voice One will say, “powering up for the first time”. Follow the “Connecting to a Wi-Fi network” for set up.

If you are concerned, then you can mute the microphones by pressing the microphone mute button on either the speaker or the remote. If you don’t want the speaker listening when in standby mode, you should mute the speaker first and then hold the mute button for 2 seconds and release to put the speaker in to standby mode.

All your shopping and to-do lists are saved in your Amazon Alexa account. Go to your Amazon Alexa app and select lists to see, edit and making/confirming voice purchases.

To add more KS Voice One Smart Speakers, press the ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the device list screen in the KS Player App and repeat the steps in ‘Connecting to a Wi-Fi network’.

In the KS Player app, hold down the selected device and drag it on top of the device you wish to be the master. You can also create a group by holding the Mode button for 2 seconds, this will make all the speakers become a group.

Yes, you can make any number of groups on a network as long as the total speakers are no more than 8.

Slave speakers have their microphones muted, only the master can action commands. Multi-room listening will be coming soon.

Please check that your phone’s Wi-Fi is turned on and is compatible and running the latest software.

There is no power button, it is mains powered but you can put it into standby mode by holding the microphone mute button for 2 seconds on either the speaker or the remote. To take the speaker out of standby mode either say ‘Alexa’ or hold the microphone mute button on either the speaker or the remote for 2 seconds.

Open the KS Player app and go to the Device list page showing your speaker(s). Press the cog icon and then select ‘Rename’.  From here you can create a custom name or select a predetermined name.

Note: The wake command ‘Alexa’ cannot be changed.

Open the KS Player app and go to the Device list page showing your speaker(s). You can change the channel of the device by clicking the ‘LR’ button to cycle through ‘L’ (left channel), ‘R’ (right channel) and ‘LR’ (stereo playback). If there is only one speaker in the room you should leave the speaker in ‘LR’ mode.

You cannot switch the speaker off with a button. You can put the speaker into standby mode by long pressing the mute buttons. The only way to power off the speaker is at the wall socket or unplugging the power cable.

KitSound does not save or record any of your data. Amazon saves a record of all your commands. You can find this by opening your Amazon Alexa app and pressing the player button in the bottom right. Select the history tab and you can scroll through all of the previous commands. If you need to know more of what data is saved, you should visit Amazon Alexa help page.

It is a requirement from Amazon that all Alexa skills are controlled via the Amazon Alexa app.

Yes, it can play on-device music, but the songs that you wish to play need to be synchronized to the phone (not in the Cloud), and Voice One can push 100 songs to the speaker every time.

Due to a software restriction introduced by Amazon on third party manufacturers, the Voice One will only be woken using the word “Alexa” or by pushing the “Tap to Talk” button.

There are volume up and down buttons on the side of the speaker, but you can also change the volume using your device.

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